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The MAS, Dialog & Hemas Summer Internship Programme was launched in 2004 with the objective of giving Sri Lankan students exposure to the world-class career opportunities available in Sri Lanka. To date over 223 students have benefited from this internship.

The programme provides intensive training and exposure in diverse industries. It has been built upon the foundation of "Retaining Local Talent" bringing together a highly diverse and talented pool of youth.

The 8-week long internship has been structured to ensure the interns experience immersive learning through special corporate projects and a CSR initiative, approved by the partnering companies.

The "thread" running throughout the Internship is the skill of "Use of Self". For us, this means empowering the intern in exploring and understanding the qualities and dynamics that he or she brings to each encounter and what is being made of the opportunity that is provided by the three companies. It also means that the intern is encouraged to become more attuned to his or her own thoughts and feelings in working with their peers and the four corporates, and recognize how this increased self-awareness can be used to better the internship experience.

The internship brings together various development activities that are often dealt with as separate entities. 50:40:10 integrates structured development with social and workplace learning. The framework provides a scaffolding for change, and is an ideal tool to support the development of young professionals while providing them a clear path to up-skill learning. It is geared to opening avenues for commencing a career in an environment on par with global corporations, with world-class professionalism, while upholding corporate values and ethics.